PP external sewage systems InCor


The system consists of pipes and fittings with internal diameter from 200mm – 800mm (DN/ID).

InCor pipe is available in either 3 or 6 meter lengths and has the option of either:

1. A double socket mounted at one end
2. An online socket with a rubber gasket fitted at the opposite end.

InstalPlast Łask To ensure ease of installation InstalPlast Łask provide a comprehensive range of InCor fittings including elbows, T-pipes, couplings, reducers and end plugs.

Polypropylene [PP] pipes have many advantages when compared to other materials that are available:

- Increased strength but also giving overall weight reduction,
- Resistant to most chemicals,
- Resistant to high temperature up to 95°C,
- Durable at to temperature as low as -20°C.

The InCor Sewage System is produced in accordance with the following regulations and specified documents.

- Technical Approval AT/2006-02-1572 COBRTI INSTAL issued 15-03-2006,
- Technical Approval AT/2006-03-2110 IBDiM issued 10-10-2006,
- Technical Opinion by GIG-Katowice from 14-02-2006,
- prEN 13476-1: 1999.