PVC-U water pressure system

The system of PVC-U water-pipes offers:

DN 90 - DN 500 PVC-U pipes and fittings at pressure range PN 6 - PN 12,5

We have many years of experience in manufacturing PVC-U pressure pipes for water, thus we can offer a product of the highest quality, which will assure many years of faultless operation.

PVC-U pipes are lightweight, durable and less expensive in comparison with other types of pipes. They are resistant to corrosion. The smooth internal surface of the pipe minimizes pressure losses over long distances. The durability of connections is guaranteed by pipe bells factory fitted with high-quality seals. In order to facilitate assembly we also offer connecting fittings (sleeves, two-socket connection tubes, flange connectors).

The result is that the PVC-U pipes and fittings are very popular with designers, investors and even construction companies building water-pipe networks.

Due to their application pressure pipes are subject to very detailed tests in our laboratory. We are aware of the great responsibility for the products leaving our plant.