PE water and sewage pressure system

InstalPlast Łask is a manufacturer of polyethylene pipes for building water-pipe networks and sewage systems, and also industrial networks for many chemicals.

Polyethylene pipes are manufactured in two classes: PE80 and PE100. The basic difference is the density of product used for manufacturing the pipe. PE100 pipes can withstand a pressure of up to 1,6 MPa, and PE80 pipes a pressure up to 1,25 MPa. The pipes are manufactures in diameters from DN 16 to DN 400. We offer pipes as drainage tubes (DN 16-DN 110) and 12-meter sections (DN 75 - DN 400). Polyethylene has low specific gravity and high resistance to most chemicals.

For efficient and durable connection of pipes diameter of 16 to 110 mm we recommend using threaded connectors. Currently we can offer reliable connectors from an Italian company "Unidelta".

We also offer a full range of PE segment-type fittings connected using upset welding.