PE drainage system


InstalPlast Łask HDPE drainage pipes are installed under the ground, around a building foundation or into any ground to collect and move excess underground water to a utilization area. The drainage pipe has a single corrugated and perforated wall, which makes it very flexible and is sold in coils of 50 meters. Each pipe has a one coupler mounted for easy and efficient connection.

To supplement the drainage pipe system, we provide a wide assortment of fittings:

- coupling dia 50, 80, 110 mm,
- reducer dia 50, 80, 110 mm,
- t-pipe dia 50/50, 80/80, 110/110 mm,
- reduced t-pipe 50/80, 50/110, 80/110 mm,
- drainage manhole DN/ID 315/110 (connection or straight-through), 1,5m – high,
- DN 315 telescope with cast iron cover ( resistance 1,5; 12,5 or 40 T),
- DN 315 - PP lid.

InstalPlast Łask drainage pipes are produced accordingly to technical approval AT/2002-02-1205 by COBRTI “ INSTAL” - Warsaw.