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HDPE water and sewage pressure system

InstalPlast is a manufacturer of polyethylene pressure pipes (PE) and fittings designed for water pipe networks, sewage systems, gas pipelines, as well as industrial networks for many chemicals.

PE pressure pipes are intended for the construction of pressure pipelines for the transmission of, among others: drinking water, water before its treatment as well as for culverts under road embankments. They will also prove useful in the construction and renovation of sewage pipelines. These types of pipes are especially used in trenchless technologies.
Depending on the density of material used for the production, the InstalPlast Łask PE pipes are divided into three classes: PE80 (1,25 MPa), PE100 and PE100 RC (1,6 MPa). Polyethylene is characterised by a low specific gravity and high chemical resistance. We produce pipes in coils (DN 20 – 110 mm) and 12-meter sections (DN 75 – 400 mm). Our offer includes a full range of PE segment-type fittings in dimensions of DN 90 – 400 mm, as well as compression fittings for the smaller diameter pipes.


Chemical resistance

Low weight of pipes

High material strength

Available in coils or in barbells

PE100 RC pipes, manufactured in InstalPlast, are 1- or 2-layered, produced in coils or 12-meter sections.

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