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PE 100 RC gas pipes

The system is designed to deliver gas fuel by underground pipeline.

PE gas pipes are characterized by a long service life, which makes them highly reliable in operation and resistant to external factors. They are biologically and chemically inert, so they are also harmless to the environment. Due to the use of high-density material PE 100 RC, the pipe is very resistant to impacts, so it can be laid without backfilling and sand bedding, or using traditional or trenchless methods. The large operating temperature range of gas pipes allows you to lay the network most of the year. Gas pipes maintain optimal technical parameters, thanks to which they guarantee years of reliable operation and are appreciated by gas installation contractors.

InstalPlast PE 100 RC pipes are 1-layer or 2-leyer and are made in coils or 12-meter-long rods.


High resistance to a great numbers of chemical substances

High mechanical resistance

Secure connections

Easy to assemble – lightweight and flexibility

Transport and storage – coils or rods​

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