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Casing pipes for cables

These pipes serve as a mechanical sheath for power cables, electrical wires, telecommunications cables, traction signalling, cable television and other cables and wires.

They are designed to protect cables laid in the ground. The properties of the pipes allow them to be laid in different soils and with different slopes. High flexibility allows avoiding obstacles along the pipeline route and mitigating the effects of land subsidence. Pipes can be laid in irrigated and chemically aggressive soils.

Casing pipes for cables by InstalPlast Łask are manufactured in accordance with PN-EN 61386-24 regarding “Installation pipe systems for conducting cables “. It defines the conditions of pipe resistance to deflection and impact loads. According to the current standard, casing pipes laid in the ground must have compression and impact resistance classes – 450N for installation pipes classified as type 450. Casing pipes for cables by InstalPlast Łask are manufactured according to the classification:
DK/G – corrugated double-walled with fittings and ropes, flexible
DK/P – corrugated double-walled with fittings and ropes, in straight sections
DKU/G – corrugated double-walled with fittings, ropes and seals, flexible
DKU/P – corrugated double-walled with fittings, ropes and seals, in straight sections
JK/G – corrugated single-walled with fittings and ropes, flexible

On request, we offer pipes with gaskets and stabilized with increased resistance to UV radiation. Pipes are offered in coils with a length of 50m ( DN 50, 75, 110 ) and 25m ( DN 125, 160 ) or in straight sections with a length of 6m.


Chemical resistant

Resistant to sagging

Shock loads

Available in coils or barbells

Casing pipes for cables by InstalPlast Łask are produced in blue and red as standard. Custom colours are available to order.

Material: High density polyethylene PE-HD is used for the production of pipes and fittings. It is a raw material with excellent chemical resistance, which means that it is not attacked by strong acids or strong alkali and is also resistant to mild oxidizing and reducing agents. It is also characterized by high resistance to shock loads that may appear at the stage of system design and a large range of operating temperatures (from -30 ° C to + 75 ° C) allowing work at any time of the year.

Installation: Pipes connection is made in a simple and convenient way using fittings. The rope placed inside the pipe facilitates pulling the cables and the gasket ensures tightness of the laid pipeline.

Transport and storage: The general rules for the storage and transport of plastic pipes should be applied. The storage height cannot exceed 3m. The period of storage in open spaces without roofing or other additional protections is a maximum of 3 months from the date of purchase. Storage for more than 3 months requires UV protection.

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