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PVC-U pressure system for potable water and water for general aims

The system is designed to deliver, under pressure, potable water or water for general aims, at a temperature of about 20°C.

PVC-U pressure pipes and fittings, are available in the diameters of DN 90 – 500 mm and nominal pressure: PN6 – PN12,5. Due to our long term experience in producing water-pressure systems of PVC-U, we offer high-quality products that guarantee long-lasting and trouble-free exploitation of the networks. PVC pressure pipes are lighter, more resistant and less expensive in comparison to other types of pipes. They are corrosion-proof . The smooth internal surface of the pipe minimizes pressure losses over long distances. Pipes’ sockets are fitted with a factory installed lipped seal, which ensures durability of connections. In order to facilitate assembly, the system is complemented by couplings, double-sockets, bends and flanged fittings.


Corrosion resistance

Low weight of pipes

Quality that ensures operation for years

Easy to assemble

Resulting from the advantages, PVC-U pipes and fittings are very popular with designers, investors and water-pipe networks assemblers. For the reason of their application, water pressure pipes are subject to continuous, very detailed tests in our laboratory.​

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