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InCor external sewage system and storm water drainage of corrugated PP pipes

InCor System designed with ring stiffness of SN8 and SN12​

The InCor® – the product invented by InstalPlast Łask, is the optimum arrangement of non-pressure external sewage systems, when considering its characteristic.

This system consists of pipes and fittings made of block copolymer of polypropylene (PP-B) in internal diameters of DN/ID 160-1000 mm. The pipes are produced according to the extrusion technique and have double wall encloced construction of their side. The InCor pipes have smooth interior surface and their outer side is corrugated. This construction assures significant weight reduction in comparison to the solid wall pipes, while ring stiffness (SN8 kN/m2, SN12 kN/m2) is still very high. Fittings are produced using the method of injection or by means of welding the pipe’s elements with injected parts.

Pipes and fittings are made of colored PP. The outer layer is in orange-brown color (approximately RAL 8023). The color of the inner layer can be the same as the outer or light-grey, which may be helpful when controlling the pipes’ interior via superintending camera.

The pipes are connected by fittings, mostly double sockets or on-line sockets made within the process of extrusion. Sealing rings, located in the pipe’s last notch, provide tightness of the system.


The InCor pipes have a number of advantages, that make them alternative to PVC tubes:

High wall stiffness (SN 8 kN/m2, SN 12 kN/m2)

Significant reduction of the pipe’s weight

Higher chemical (toxic sewerage) and environmental resistance

Extended temperature tolerance ( up to +95°C )

Increased resistance to mechanical impacts in low temperatures

Easy and accurate cutting to demanded lengths​

The pipes are produced in sectors with the length of 3 or 6 meters, and of stiffness classes SN8 and SN12.

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